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Quote1.png Even though I know it's every bit as mad as you say, I've got to take this fight right into their arena. And show them when they mess with Tony Stark....they mess with Iron Man! Quote2.png
Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Appearing in "This Mortal Coil"

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Synopsis for "This Mortal Coil"

Rioters converge on Iron Man's fallen body and begin pounding him with baseball bats. Kearson DeWitt de-activates the implant in Tony’s body giving him control over his form again. Iron Man rises and takes off into the sky. Rhodey watches him and notices that Iron Man is flying erratically. Rhodey hops into one of the S.E. helicopters and gathers the faltering Iron Man up with the chopper's skyhook. While flying him back to S.E., Rhodey notices another helicopter in the area. The helicopter belongs to the Marrs Corporation.

Returning to S.E., Rhodey gives Tony a complete physical. The recent events have caused major damage to Tony’s nervous system. Tony now realizes that the pain he’s been experiencing lately has nothing to do with post-operative stress from his back surgery, but rather is the manipulation of an unknown enemy. Tony begins researching potential enemies. Rhodey makes the connection with the Marrs Corporation and they recall how Star Enterprises once outbid the Marrs Corporation on the Centrex company buyout.

As much as he hates to do so, Tony has to don the Iron Man armor again. He has to put an end to this before things get any worse. Using his scanners, he tracks down the facility that Kearson DeWitt has been using to control Tony's body. He blasts through the laboratories destroying all billions of dollars worth of equipment. Kearson DeWitt enters the room clothed in a powerful mega-armor. Meanwhile in China, the Mandarin lords over how easily he has conquered so much of the country. Chen Hsu chides him over his arrogance. He makes reference towards revealing his "true" form to the Mandarin. There is more to Chen Hsu than meets the eye.


  • The sub-plots involving the Mandarin and Fin Fang Foom come to a head in the upcoming "Dragon Seed Saga" (issues #272-275).

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