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Iron Man (Jim Rhodes)

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  • Chinese officials




Synopsis for "Retribution"

Kearson DeWitt, utilizing a large power-armor hammers Iron Man back with his atomic cannons. He begins bashing him around and throwing him through several feet worth of wall. Kearson is enraged and wants revenge against Iron Man for an undisclosed indiscretion. Iron Man blasts back and tackles DeWitt outside of the building. They soar across the city and begin pounding each other with their respective weapons. But Kearson's weaponry overpowers Iron Man's and his atomic cannons rock him backward.

Fortunately for Iron Man, he has back-up. Jim Rhodes, donning a suit of Iron Man armor that he swore never to wear again dives downward and blasts into Kearson. The only way the heroes can hope to overtake DeWitt is by combining their power. Tony takes the transponder coils from his gauntlet and attaches them to the external power packs from Rhodey's armor. Combining power, the two Iron Men emit a blast of energy that rocks DeWitt clear across the city. He smashes into a skyscraper, which then proceeds to topple downward onto him. The blast and the subsequent collision kills Kearson DeWitt. Digging through the wreckage, Iron Man recovers Kearson's body. Unmasking him, he has no idea who he is nor why he would want to seek revenge against Iron Man. Meanwhile in Beijing, China, the Mandarin sends a message to the Chinese government declaring that he expects them to yield total and complete control over the entire country over to him. Failure to do so will incur the wrath of the Mandarin and Fin Fang Foom.


  • This issue contains a "Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation".
  • Last story page is a pin-up/promotional page by new Iron man Artist Paul Ryan. (This is the only page of this issue drawn by Ryan).

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