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Appearing in "The Persistence of Memory"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Toshi Kanada (First appearance; dies)
  • Wong-Chu (Only in flashback)
  • Ho Yinsen (Only in flashback)
  • Li (Only in flashback)
  • Po (Only in flashback)
  • Chen (Only in flashback)
  • Wu (Only in flashback)




Synopsis for "The Persistence of Memory"

Mandarin wakes from a nightmare that Chen Hsu tells him represents his mortality, and he and Chen Hsu look out of Mandarin palace upon the sleeping Fin Fang Foom. Iron Man fights Vibro at Monarch studios. After destroying part of the studio Iron Man uses two magno-couplers to disorient Vibro and hands him over to the police. He then reflects on his past.


  • This story is broken into three parts, two are flashbacks. This issue begins Part I of a new origin of Iron Man by writer John Byrne. The primary deviation from the original Stan Lee\Don Heck origin is that the Mandarin is now a part of the origin story.

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