Quote1.png Once again my Iron Man armor becomes a walking Iron Lung. A walking prison!! Quote2.png
-- Iron Man

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Synopsis for "The Hollow Man"

Mandarin exercises by defeating four of China's best warriors in unarmed combat, slaying one who panics by trying to use a weapon from Mandarin's wall display, then tells Chen Hsu he has focused his chi and is ready. In a hidden lab of Stark Enterprises Rhodes finishes a scan of Stark's nervous system and comes up with the same result: it's shot. Stark asks for his recently completed neuro-net electromesh, which should provide a less bulky external nervous system than his armor. In her Manhattan penthouse Black Widow wakes and exercises, but when she hears the weatherman on television mention the date, she realizes to her horror that "Oktober" has been activated. Stark and Rhodes attend a board meeting where the members demand answers on why S.E. is still attacking Marrs Corp even though there's no financial gain. He informs them it is retaliation for the Marrs twins personal and business attacks on him, and reminds the board that they own no stock, they are simply appointed heads of division, and he can change those appointments if he wants. Realizing Stark is struggling, Rhodes calls off the meeting. Stark collapses moments after the board leaves, and Rhodes rushes him to the lab. With the neuro-net failing under the strain, Rhodes loads Stark into the more durable armor, but Stark is frustrated at being trapped inside a machine again. Mrs. Arbogast informs Stark that the Chinese premier has agreed to let him see Dr. Su Yin in exchange for unspecified services.


  • In this issue, Tony Stark dons his "Neuro-Net" Electromesh which enables him to temporarily walk and function outside of his armor.

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