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Quote1.png He is here. He is in China! I feel it. Quote2.png
-- The Mandarin

Appearing in "The Price"

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  • Stark's sky-yatch

Synopsis for "The Price"

The Chinese president Yang Shagkun interrupts Dr. Su Yin's class to inform her of Tony's medical situation and that he is coming to her for treatment. Stark arrives in China accompanied by Rhodes as Iron Man and is met by his government provided guide and interpreter, Li Wang. Mandarin tells Chen Hsu that he senses Iron Man is in China, but his mentor tells him to remain calm, lest his hatred cost him his true prize: world domination. Stark and Iron Man are shown their hotel rooms where Rhodes mentions having no ill effects from wearing the armor thanks to the installed bio-rhythm generator. The two attend a dinner with Dr. Su Yin and Chinese military officials, including the President; disguised by a convincing mask, Rhodes is able to raise his visor to join in the meal. Discussing the proposal back in the hotel, Stark tells Rhodes he believes he has no choice but to agree, and tells Rhodes that he will don the armor again convinced whatever problem the Chinese face requires his greater experience with the armor. Unwillingly to let his ailing friend take that risk, Rhodes knocks Tony out and approaches the President who says the problem is the Mandarin.


  • In this issue, Tony Stark appears as Iron Man only in flashbacks.
  • Artwork reveals that Chen Hsu has green reptillian hair under his hat. This is a precursor to his true nature.
  • This story is reprinted in the trade paperback The Dragon Seed Saga.

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