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Quote1.png Oh, how I weary of this! Again and again the same play. I win. Iron Man wins. I win again. Enough I say! It matters no longer who is in the armor. Death is death. And mark my words, lackey....Iron Man shall die this day! Quote2.png
The Mandarin

Appearing in "The Dragon Seed Saga (Part II of IV) - Here There Be Dragons"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Miss Ling
  • Li Wang





Synopsis for "The Dragon Seed Saga (Part II of IV) - Here There Be Dragons"

In Hong Kong, inside the private offices of Mr. Wu Pong a wealthy financier and industrialist, Wu Pong turns into a dragon, to the horror of his secretary, Miss Ling. He bursts out of the building and flies away to sea.

Elsewhere, Chen Hsu sends out a telepathic message to many other dragons, across China, who cast off their human forms and become dragons. At last, after millennia of waiting, they are being called home.

Somewhere else entirely, an empty suit of Iron Man armor battles Fin Fang Foom. Iron Man himself, Tony Stark, is controlling it from a comfortable hotel room in Beijing. Using his fire-breath and muscular tail, Foom defeats the Iron Man armor, while Jim Rhodes, in yet another Iron Man suit, and already beaten up, struggles to get up and help, not realizing that suit of armor is empty, but is unable to. Mandarin, standing over him, realizes that neither he nor the suit of armor fighting Foom is the real Iron Man.

Stark makes his armor connect to a nearby downed power cable in order to crank up his repulsor rays enough to knock out Foom. He is still breathing, and Stark is about to zap him again in order to finish him off when Mandarin brings a mountain to life to fight him. Stark’s liaison to the Chinese premier, knocking on the door to his hotel room, distracts him enough so that Mandarin can drop the mountain-monster on top of him. The suit begins to blast its way back up to the surface. Twenty minutes later, he arrives back on the surface, to find the situation unchanged: now both Mandarin and Fin Fang Foom are after him.

In New York, inside the Avengers headquarters, She-Hulk and Captain America are practicing in a simulated combat environment, while Black Widow, who has penetrated the Avengers security systems, spies on them through a vent grill, musing that these two will be the perfect team to penetrate the defense grid for her. After the exercise, she reveals herself and the three go out for lunch, but she decides that they will not, in fact, work for her purposes. Only Iron Man will do.

Iron Man, meanwhile, is taking a beating from Foom and Mandarin, and flees. Mandarin, frustrated, is about to kill Rhodes, when dozens of other dragons arrive, to the shock of both Mandarin and Rhodes.


  • The last comic page of this issue contains a pin-up from artist, Tom Morgan.
  • In this issue, Wu Pong and Chen Hsu are revealed to be Makluans.

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