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Iron Man

Appearing in "War Games"

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  • "Comrade Attache"
  • Runaway Missiles

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Synopsis for "War Games"

Hidden missile silos under American farmland open up and launch their nuclear warheads at Russia. Iron Man wakes up, and removes the neural neutralizer Natasha had covertly placed on him before he donned his armor, moments before he is surrounded by Norad security. President Bush is notified that code: Joshua has been activated, and tells his aides to get Gorbachev and Yeltsin on the phone. Iron Man escapes from Norad security and sets off after the missiles, using his randomizer to scramble their flight patterns, sending them in to space. Black Widow escapes Norad in a stolen jet fighter, but Iron Man lands on its wing. However she convinces him to give her a chance to catch the real villain behind what has happened, and to fly to Russia, where they confront the Soviet Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations. His plot Oktober, launched years ago, programmed neophyte agents including Natasha Romanov, so that in the event of changes in the Soviet Union's political structure they would awaken believing they knew of the plot against the America government, and maneuver themselves to the right location to be the catalyst in that same plot, start World War III. Iron Man prevents the Ambassador from committing suicide, and forces him to agree to confess, clearing the Black Widow.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Printed Circuits. Letters are published from Tracy Cagdill, Miguel Cruz, R. Biesinger, Robert Lambrecht.

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