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Appearing in "Decisions in a Vacuum"

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Synopsis for "Decisions in a Vacuum"

A designated group of Avengers (including Iron Man) enter a Kree space station in an attempt to negotiate peace with the Kree and the Shi'ar. The Avengers run into some Shi'ar commandos in which they battle, and Iron Man ends up battling a Kree soldier named Shatterax (who was sent by the Supreme Intelligence) outside the station. Iron Man ends up deciding to surrender the Avenger team over to the Kree in hopes of survival.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Printed Circuits. Letters are published from Ssean Pasek, Heath McKnight, Mike Kalibabky, Mitch Lorens, and Chris Maddicks.
  • This issue contains a Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation.

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