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Synopsis for "Put the Hammer Down"

Rhodes flies Iron Man and the Masters of Silence to Justin Hammer's island and they begin their assault, fighting off Hammer's guards and his Hydra allies. Hammer unleashes agents wearing Mandroid armor, but Iron Man quickly dismantles them. Iron Man and the Masters finally corner Hammer and demand that he publicly exonerate Stark for the meltdown, provide a Akane Fusion zero interest refinancing to make amends for the damage he caused, and sell Stane International back to Tony Stark for one dollar. Warned that if he ever gives Stark reason to notice him again, he will answer to the Masters, Hammer agrees and Tony returns home. Tony returns to his hospital bed where Sondheim tells him that he has accelerated his deterioration. He checks with Zimmer on a biotech solution he had been looking into, and is told at best it might be feasible to look at it in eight weeks, time he doesn't have. After contacting his cryogenics people and telling them to prepare a briefing statement on project 101, Tony calls his lawyer Felix Alvarez and Mrs. Arbogast to arrange meetings as he prepares to get his affairs in order. And elsewhere, the group of business rivals who have previously met with Hammer to arrange the attack on Stark agree that the operation has been a success; Hammer has been eliminated as a business threat, as they anticipated, and they merely need to wait for Stark to follow.


  • This issue contains a letters page "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from Miek Bodnar, Andy Da Silva, Brett Reed, Dave Siegal, Mike Kalibabky, and Stuart Brynien.

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