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Quote1.png Stop being such a coward, boy. You've been coddled by wealth and it's made you weak. Quote2.png
Howard Stark (Earth-616)

Appearing in "Meltdown!"

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Synopsis for "Meltdown!"

Rhodes holds his first board meeting then has dinner with Rae. After spending the night together he wonders how she feels about dating a black man. Rae has no problem with it. Morgan Stark seeks Marcie out and makes her a job offer. Tony continues to retrace his life's activities while in cryogenic sleep. The Atom Smasher attacks a Stane nuclear plant and Rhodes decides to intervene as Iron Man but cannot reason with him. Calling Iron Man "America's best-known corporate leg breaker" Atom Smasher implies that he is attacking for the world's benefit before pinning Rhodes under debris. Elsewhere, government men authorize sending in Firepower to stop Atom Smasher.


  • This issue contains a letters page "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from Victor Lau, David Scott, and E. Steve Liptak.
  • In the flashback sequence young Tony Stark is seen reading "L Morte D'Arthur" by Sir Thomas Mallory. His fascination with knights of iron is seeded at an early age.


  • one of the People in the Meeting at the Beginning of this Issue looks a lot like Lucius Fox from the Batman Books

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