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Appearing in "The Light at the End"

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Synopsis for "The Light at the End"

Rhodes bluffs his way out of a confrontation with the Living Laser by informing him that Stark is dead and that he fired Iron Man. He offers Living Laser a job and grants him a tour of the facility. However, he secretly has his men coat the Iron Man armor with a reflective coating to dispel the Living Laser's attacks. Iron Man battles Living Laser, drawing him into a laser focusing chamber and scatters his form across the Andromeda galaxy. Rhodes is troubled by his actions and seeks comfort from Rae. Morgan Stark contacts his employers at Moroboshi, who no longer believe he can manage their operation. Sondheim and Zimmer invite Rhodes to see Tony in a recovery room. At the site of Tony's living body, Rhodes flies into a rage and announces he's quitting.


  • This issue contains a letters page "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from Stuart Brynien, James Blair Tarleton, and Larry Porter.
  • Ink cover credits for Ray McCarthy are given in the letters page of Iron Man #294.
  • An alternate reality story for this issue is shown in What If? Vol 2 #63 (July 1994).
    What If Vol 2 63.jpg

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