Quote1 All I survey is mine to control. Quote2
-- Controller

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Synopsis for "Controlling Interests"

Tony wakes up in the clutches of the controller. Master of the berserkers, who like Cal, are enslave by his newly refined controller chips. As a controller attempts to force Tony under his control, Tony manages to reactivate the Iron Man armor and have it come to rescue him. After battling through the berserkers, Iron Man is stunned to find the controller is almost immobile, having suffered nerve damage when Iron Man shorted out his electro-suit. The controller hoped that the virus that rebuilt Tony's body help him, but Iron Man assures him that it wouldn't. Iron Man is forced to leave the controller with his slaves to keep the controller from killing them, but Tony has Felix began to prepare a case against the Controller. Meanwhile on Stark Satellite One, the crew sent there by Winston Cauwfield are being overcome by a techno-organic transformation.


  • This issue contains a letters page Printed Circuits. Letters are published from Carson Guedres Heath, Roger L. Anderson, Bill Roux, Jr., and Joey Marchese.

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