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Iron Man

Appearing in "Trade War"

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  • AIM aerial combat team's vehicle

Synopsis for "Trade War"

Tony tests out his new Iron Man armor then attends a meeting with the executives who sold Stane International's nuclear materials to AIM. Tony sends his LMD doppelgänger to meet with AIM's Alessandro Brannex at AIM island, but when the LMD arrives MODAM recognizes it as an impostor and has it destroyed. Iron Man heads in and battles AIM's force in the skies, then engages MODAM. MODAM manages to take the Iron Man armor out of the commission with a psychic blast which backlashes on Tony, but than Omega Red appears and claims that MODAM is Olinka Barankova, an intelligence agent from his past. MODAM has no memory of this, but prepares to battle Omega Red.


  • This issue contains a letters page Printed Circuits. Letters are published from Matthew S. Malek, Michael J. Peteres, and Eddie Walsh.

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