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While Omega Red and MODAM battle, Tony recovers and regains control of his armor. Brannex asks Iron Man to stop Omega Red, but he only agrees when Brannex promises to return all of the nuclear materials AIM purchased from Stane International. MODAM denies being Olinka Barankova and observes that all AIM records are falsified, but Omega Red refuses to believe her. Iron Man arrives and saves MODAM, but has to fight her off as well and smashes her headband to prevent another psychic attack. Iron Man returns to Stark Enterprises as Felix informs Tony that AIM is making good on their deal. Felix also continues Tony's case against the Controller. Mrs. Arbogast, Zimmer and Erika pretend to be under the Controller's thrall to lead Tony into a surprise party were Tony is reunited with many old friends; when he hears from Pepper that Happy is having difficulty making ends meet, he offers him a new job as his physical trainer. During the party, an earthquake erupts at a Stark facility at Acheron Mountain.


  • This issue contains a letters page: Printed Circuits. Letters are published from Mark Plaid, Neil Gustavson, and Alejandro Rodriguez.

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