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Quote1 ... The new thermo-coupling device element in my armor responded perfectly. Quote2
Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Appearing in "My Friend, My Foe...The Freak!"

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Synopsis for "My Friend, My Foe...The Freak!"

The issue begins with Iron Man saving some workers at the Uranus-12 Rocket construction site when there's an accident and the rocket starts falling. Unfortunately, he overstrains his armor, as its power levels were already low from fighting the Demolisher, and his heart starts bothering him again.He makes it to his office, ignoring Jasper Sitwell and Whitney Frost waiting in the hall, but once there, he discovers he cannot disconnect the recharge cable as his heart is weaker then ever.

To counter this Tony draws the blueprints for revisions to his armor, and then has the visiting Happy Hogan construct the new armor. In the final stage of the construction Happy overworks a Cobalt bombarder as he wants to hurry it up because Tony's chestplate is giving out due to overcharging, but the bombarder explodes, bathing Happy in its energies, causing him to slowly change into The Freak as he puts the new armor on an unconscious Tony who wakes up to see the transformation finish.

The Freak goes thru the wall and takes Pepper with him as he leaves. Iron Man catches up with The Freak atop a partially constructed building where he has to defeat the Freak so an Enervation Intensifier can be used to turn him back to Happy Hogan. Finally The Freak is lured into a van where he is gassed into unconsciousness and carried off to get treated.


  • Tony Stark adds a "Thermocoupler" device to his armor this issue which allows him to convert extreme tempearatures into energy for his armor.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock it to Shell-Head". Letters are published from Bob Gale, Jeff Fisher & Walt Simonson, David Hodgen, Van Brodie, Royal Balloon, Mike O'Heal, Daniel Preston, and Joyce Gregorian.

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