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Quote1 Can't let it get me! Quote2
Tony Stark

Appearing in "The Menace of the Monster-Master!!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:




Synopsis for "The Menace of the Monster-Master!!"

At a Japanese conference, after Iron Man demonstrates electro-magnetic power uses, he is approached by Prof. Goro Watanabe, his daughter Fujiko, and his assistant Toru Tarakato, who ask if he'd like to accompany them on a trip to a nearby island that's emitting strange energy readings. When they arrive, they're attacked by Zoga, a beast of myth. The beast is too powerful for Iron Man so everyone flees; afterwards Zoga lands and is greeted by a Chinese general and his soldiers. Revealed as a robot, Zoga's cockpit opens up and the Monster-Master emerges, and discusses taking over Japan. Stark and Prof. Watanabe's attempts to warn the Japanese Defense Council about Zoga are dismissed, so they prepare their own plans. Soon after, the Monster-Master attacks Japan with Zoga, but Iron Man defeats the robot by reflecting its eye-lasers back at it, destroying it. Iron Man pulls the Monster-Master out of the wreck, revealing him to be Toru.

Solicit Synopsis

They call him - the Monster-Master! And when you find out why - you'll know that the golden Avenger is fighting for his very life!


  • Cover art: signed by Severin and Everett (E7V) on the right side of the cover on the building beneath Iron Man's right hand.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock It to Shell-Head". Letters are published from Kenny Rogers, Daneil J. Fink, Richard Wallace, and Sandy Smith.
  • Professor Goro Watanabe and Fujiko will next be seen in Iron Man #98.

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