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Tony Stark

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Synopsis for "The Sound of Thunder"

Thunderstrike, who had arrived to defend the dam he had designed in his civilian identity as Eric Masterson, attacks Iron Man in retaliation for the dam's destruction, but switches opponents when the New Warriors inform him they were the ones responsible. Iron Man ends their clash by telling everyone to grow up. He orders them off Stark property. Tony meets with Steve Rogers and they muse over the contemporary state of superheroes. Later, Felix tells Tony that the LA district attorney's office is dropping its case against the Controller. Abe Zimmer discovers that Raven is the hacker and Tony puts Bethany in charge of the problem. When Tony hears that the Stane International plant in Zephyr Flats was manufacturing gamma bombs for the Pentagon and that the Ecological Defense League and press have learned of this he suspects that the Hulk will intervene. He goes to Zephyr Flats, evacuates the plant, and adds Hulk-Buster modules to his armor. When the Hulk does arrive, Iron Man faces him in the modified combat armor.


  • This story is part of the "Crash and Burn" story arc.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Printed Circuits. Letters are published from David Tompkins, Bill Klawsnik, Troy Dalton, and Adam Gallagher.

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