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Synopsis for "Redemption"

After awakening from a Nightmare in which Cap, the New Warriors, and others accuse him of destroying Stark Industries, Tony plans to restart it as an ethical company, although Veronica doubts his goals are attainable. Bethany brings Raven before Tony and he identifies Marcy as his employer. Zimmer convinces Stark to hire Raven and give him a second chance. Tony confronts Marcy and she admits to her actions but blames the mysterious voice on her phone for forcing her. Tony turns her over to the FBI. Tony finally goes public with his plan for the company's future and vows to make Stark Enterprises worthy of the people's trust. In China, news of the press conference awakens the Mandarin from his lengthy stupor. Nick Fury calls Tony to ask him to get War Machine to reign in his activities overseas, but Tony informs him Rhodes won't listen to him anymore. Iron Man destroys Tony's old mansion, derelict since the Controller's Berserker damaged it to pave the way for a new home, unaware that he is watched by VOR/TEX, which concludes he has completed the threat/obstacle program he had initiated, and it is time to begin the final phase.


  • This story is the final chapter in the Crash and Burn story arc.
  • This issue contains a letters page Printed Circuits. Letters are published from Brian A. Israel and Troy Liechty.


  • In this issue, Weekly News World reports that Tony Stark is an alien Skrull. Ironically, this will later be strongly suspected in Marvel's Secret Invasion.
  • Tabloids also quote Marvel Editor Matt Idelson, listing his vocation as a "waste technican".

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