Quote1 I don't think we can stop pollution by turning our back on technology. Quote2
-- Iron Man (Tony Stark)

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Synopsis for "Anything -- for the Cause!"

Tony Stark visits his Lakani plant troubled by protesters led by the anti-machinery Major Hubert Foulkes. When a group of thugs, the Smashers, attack the protest, Stark as Iron Man breaks things up. One of the plant scientists, Kevin O'Brian, uses a stun ray he has built to help end the confrontation peacefully, impressing Stark, who offers him a transfer to the New York research lab; however Kevin's girlfriend, the major's daughter Kathy Foulkes, isn't happy at this news. Meanwhile the thugs report to Mastermind, who chides them for making a mess instead of attacking Stark. Next morning Stark inspects the money-losing factory as plant manager Mr. Bowers dodges questions; when the protesters return Stark tries to explain that his plant isn't polluting anything. O'Brian and Kathy catch Smasher leader Bullwhip Grogan planting a bomb, but are taken hostage. Minutes later a helicopter drops fliers claiming the factory is unsafe and will explode. Iron Man brings it down, freeing the hostages and capturing Grogan and Mastermind, forcing them to disable the bomb set in the plant. Iron Man informs the protesters of their plan and unmasks Mastermind as Mr. Bowers, who had tried to hide his embezzling by staging the pollution scare to shut the plant down.

Solicit Synopsis

"Anything for the Cause!" That's our title - and the motto of the vilest bunch of super-baddies yet - the sinister Smashers! Don't miss it!


  • First appearance of Kevin O'Brian, who will be spelled O'Brien in subsequent issues. He will become a confidant of Iron Man as well as the original Guardsman.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock It to Shell-Head" Letters are published from Bruce A. Long, Paul Miele, Shirley A. Gorman, Andy Feeny, and Ralph Hensley.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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