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Quote1.png You took me out once before with that Securicode Shutdown Trick... did you really think I'd fall for that @*#% again? I changed those Codes Months ago, m'man. You wanna take me down... you're gonna have to do it the Hard Way. Quote2.png
-- War Machine

Appearing in "Friends and other Enemies"

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Synopsis for "Friends and other Enemies"

While The Mandarin prepares to re-emerge from solitude, Iron Man and War Machine duke it out.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Printed Circuits. Letters are published from Roger A. Ott II and Adnan Butt.
  • This issue was sold in a sealed plastic bag. Contained within the bag was also a 16 page "Marvel Action Hour Preview" and 1 of 6 Marvel Action Hour Acetate Prints.

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