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Henry Pym

Appearing in "Heroic Interventivo"

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  • Stark shuttle (As hologram)

Synopsis for "Heroic Interventivo"

Tony gives members of the UN a multimedia virtual tour of Stark Enterprises' facilities around the world, then meets with Peter Corbeau, who believes Stark has won them over to make Stark Enterprises the new main contractor for Starcore, the UN space agency. In Russia, the Titanium Man breaks out of his cell after seeing a newspaper article on Stark's plans to open a facility in Russia. With Captain America paralyzed due to the deterioration of the Super Soldier Serum, Tony joins with Sondheim and Pym to plant a biochip into Cap's body to assist him in movement. Pym shrinks Tony to microscopic size and they inject him into Cap's body, where he is able to evade the natural defenses of Cap's bloodstream and successfully plant the chip. Cap is morose over his condition, but Tony empathizes with him after his own medical ailments. The next day Tony receives a surprise call from his former mentor Ted Slaght, needing his urgent help as a lab experiment of his parasilicate alloy is going explosively wrong.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Printed Circuits. Letters are published from Stuart Brynien, Joey Marchese, and Michael Sheridan.
  • This issue contains a Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation.

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