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Tony Stark

Appearing in "Their Mission: Destroy Stark Industries!!"

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Synopsis for "Their Mission: Destroy Stark Industries!!"

Spymaster prepares his Espionage Elite to destroy Stark Industries. The next day Stark is contacted by Nick Fury to discuss a possible threat to his company, and they set up a meeting. As the Espionage Elite infiltrate Stark Industries, Stark chastises Kevin O'Brien for bursting into his office unannounced. Later Stark meets with Sitwell to discuss things when they're distracted by an explosion: Stark changes into Iron Man, but it turns out to be O'Brien experimenting. When Iron Man scolds him, O'Brien notices the similarity to Stark's earlier telling off. That night Stark leaves for his meeting with Fury. While he's away Spymaster's team set off explosions at Stark Industries. O'Brien attempts to stop them but is captured. Stark meets Fury, but is shot by him: he awakens in the Espionage Elite's headquarters as "Fury" rips off his mask to reveal he is really #3.

Solicit Synopsis

The target is Stark Enterprises - and the enemy is the villainous Spy-Master and his Espionage Elite! Face it - this is Shellhead's darkest hour!


  • Farley London impersonates Nick Fury for a great part of this issue.
  • Spymaster is spelled Spy-Master only on the cover.
  • Kevin O'Brien is also spelled once O'Brian in the story.
  • The Espionage Elite members use code names Number One to Number Five.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock It to Shell-Head". Letters are published from J.J. Friel, Paul De Pastine, Peter Rother, and Lester G. Boutillier.

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