Quote1.png Never would have happened ... if I'd been sober. Quote2.png
-- Tony Stark

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Synopsis for "Good as Gone"

At Columbia Hospital, Tony confesses to Jarvis that he was too drunk to effectively fight the frathouse fire. They are interrupted by Meredith Alden, the quick freeze having left her corneas in shock, leaving her at best temporarily blinded. Tony visits Kris, to find Remy sitting with her; and emotionally exhausted Remy tells him that a night of tests have confirmed that Kris has nothing worse than a minor concussion and shall be fine when she awakens. Remy and Tony hug in relief, unaware Kris has awoken and is watching their embrace with sadness. Abe Zimmer breaks into a retired Stark International research and develop complex on Long Island to keep the Iron Man armors out of Fujikawa's hands. Meanwhile, War Machine visits with Tony and they chat about the elder Stark. Zimmer calls Rhodes to inform him of his progress, but is attacked by Calico. Zimmer attempts to use his stealth field and taser on her to no avail, and she as she prepares to slay him, he resorts to electrocuting her, which kills her. Abe is then attacked by Brass while Morgan Stark spies from afar, and sent flying out of a window, Iron Man catches him, but Zimmer dies from his injuries. Iron Man and War Machine enter the complex, and War Machine informs Tony that they are in Stark's old office, then shows him Stark's old laboratory, filled with Iron Man armors. The heroes are attacked by Stockpile, led by Morgan Stark, who wants the Iron Man armors.


Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Printed Circuits. Letters are published from James Clark, J.P. Martin, Joseph Macaluso, and Kevin Barron.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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