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Appearing in "Crisis and Calamity!!"

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Synopsis for "Crisis and Calamity!!"

Disguised as Fury, #3 brings Stark back to Stark Industries. Sitwell is informed that his boss Col. Fury is here, which confuses him. O'Brian frees and arms himself, then attempts to find his attackers. Spymaster forces Stark to hand over sensitive company papers while #3 disguises himself as Stark and reassures the staff all is well. However, O'Brian bursts in and attacks him, allowing Stark to escape in the confusion and turn into Iron Man, joining the fight. Elsewhere, Sitwell is captured by #1 and #5. Iron Man is injured in the fight and Spymaster attempts to use Sitwell as a hostage to escape, but Sitwell fights back, getting himself shot. Spymaster escapes leaving the Espionage Elite behind. As the ambulance for Sitwell arrives Iron Man swears revenge on Spymaster.

Solicit Synopsis

Two Tony Starks - and one of them must die! Not to mention the final showdown between ol' Shellhead and the hordes of the Spy-Master! Don't miss it!


  • Spymaster chastises one of his Espionage Elite for calling a team member by their name instead of their number, but later does the same thing in this issue.

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