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Quote1.png Want it or not, he's going to get that help from an Avenger named Iron Man! Quote2.png
Tony Stark

Appearing in "When Calls Jonah...!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Jonah (Shadow only)
  • Anthony Gardenia (First appearance) (who also assumed the title of "Jonah")

Other Characters:

  • Franco (First appearance)
  • Lee (First appearance)
  • Frankie Majors (First appearance)
  • Frizzo (Shadow only)
  • Johnny (Behind the scenes)
  • Louise (First appearance)
  • NYPD
    • Mac (First appearance)
    • O'Shaughnessy (Behind the scenes)

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "When Calls Jonah...!"

Tony meets with Lee and learns the history of potential employee Frankie Majors. Tony lets Frankie have one month to prove himself. Frankie works in research & development under Kevin O'Brien. Iron Man's inquiries into Majors' past lead him to Anthony Gardenia, the new Jonah. Gardenia tells Iron Man to warn Majors that he will not let him go straight. Tony congratulates Frankie as he finishes his first day at Stark Industries and goes to see Louise. Later, Tony helps Frankie fend off some of Gardenia's men and takes a bullet for him. The next day Frankie tells Tony that he's quitting and going back to crime. Realizing something is wrong, Tony trails him as Iron Man. Frankie meets with Gardenia and his men, who have taken Louise hostage to force him back into the gang. However, when Gardenia tries to put Frankie in his place Frankie fights back. Iron Man arrives, they quickly best Gardenia and set Louise free. Frankie returns to work for Stark Industries.

Solicit Synopsis

Titanium Man - the Mandarin - the Controller - ol' Shellhead's fought them all, and won! but now he comes face to face with a new kind of menace - the stranger called Jonah!


  • In this issue, Frankie Majors is hired and shows great promise as a Stark Industries employee. However, to this editor's knowledge, the character has not been seen since in the Marvel Universe.
  • The plot assist in this issue from Allyn Brodsky is listed on the last story page.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock It To Shell-Head". Letters are published from Paul Sanford, Dave Moore, Spence Marshall, and Al Ledas.
  • The cover of this issue is signed by artist Sal Buscema.

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