Quote1 So long, boss! You need me again... just call! Quote2
-- Happy Hogan

Appearing in "Unconquered is the Unicorn!"

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Synopsis for "Unconquered is the Unicorn!"

The issue begins with Tony Stark reverting The Freak to Happy Hogan with the Enervation Intensifier, while Pepper waits behind a protective wall. Meanwhile the Unicorn is getting dosed by a machine called the Hyper-Activator, with the purpose of increasing his strength and power; even though the scientists present want to shut it down as he is getting a very large dose, the Unicorn tells them not to. After ripping the table he lay on from the floor and getting a redesigned costume, with the protection elements eliminated and the powerhorn made more powerful, the Unicorn takes his leave of the scientists as the Hyper-Activator freed him from the brainwashing he had undergone. The Unicorn sets his sights on a scientific congress to get his hands on a cure for the negative side effects of the Hyper-Activator treatment, a congress Tony Stark is attending. The Unicorn terrorizes the attendants with his new powers, making demands in front of the television cameras present, until Tony Stark manages to hide away long enough to change into his armor. The two begin to fight, Iron Man bringing the fight outside and eventually crushing the Unicorn's powerbelt and tossing it in the nearby river, provoking the deranged Unicorn to dive after it. Iron Man tries to save him, but the Unicorn has disappeared.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock It To Shell-Head". Letters are published from Don Rhoden, Harvey Stabbe, Peter Sanderson, and Jim Rohal.

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