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Iron Man

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Synopsis for "Night Walk!"

Kevin tends to Tony's injuries: Marianne has a premonition that something is wrong with Tony. When Tony emerges from his delirium, he asks Kevin to contact Nick Fury. Tony calls Fury and informs him that he cannot attend his United Nations meeting: Fury is angry at him for backing out. Shara-Lee tries to convince the White Dragon to force Tony Stark into revealing his double identity to the UN, but the Transcriber no longer has any effect on him. He decides to recapture him and sends his forces to engage Iron Man. Iron Man fends them off and follows them underwater, discovering the White Dragon's submarine. Seeing their defeat is imminent, Shara-Lee sets off a nuclear weapon they planted at Stark Industries. Shara-Lee boasts to Iron Man that she was always the true master and gloats over having killed all of Iron Man's friends. When Iron Man departs, the White Dragon, angry at Shara-Lee for using him as a pawn, sets off the submarine's self-destruct, killing them both. When Iron Man returns to Stark Industries he finds that Kevin found the nuclear weapon, disarmed it and broadcast a film of the plant being destroyed to trick the White Dragon.

Solicit Synopsis

The United Nations in peril - and an ominous new female in Tony Stark's tangled life! Not to mention the spectacular showdown with - the White Dragon! Can you dig it?


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock It To Shell-Head". Letters are published from Wilson Fong, Paul Havemann, Dave Harmon, Gregory O'Malley, and Neal D. Stollon.

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