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Appearing in "The Fury and the Inferno!"

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Synopsis for "The Fury and the Inferno!"

Iron Man angrily enters Stark Industries to attend a midnight board meeting. In his rage, he walks right past Marianne, whose ESP powers are warning her of oncoming trouble. Tony confronts the board demanding the chairmanship again. Simon Gilbert tries to force him out but Tony uses his stock majority to demand the boards' immediate resignation. In response, Simon hires Firebrand to blow up a Stark munitions plant. Firebrand agrees, not for money, but because he hates people like Stark and the greed he believes they represent. The next night, Marianne convinces Tony to go for a drive to relax after he almost hits someone at a party. Their tender moment is interrupted by Firebrand's attack on the Bay City munitions plant, requiring Iron Man's presence. As Iron Man gets the upper hand in the fight, Simon tries blowing the plant up himself, ending up trapped under some fallen rubble. Iron Man is only able to save himself and Firebrand before the building explodes. Firebrand attacks Iron Man in a rage but is defeated. Firebrand reveals Simon was his father and vows revenge on Iron Man as he's taken away, leaving Tony with more guilt than he started the night with.

Solicit Synopsis

Remember Firebrand - one of Marvel's most unique super-baddies? Well, he's back - and his target for today is ol' Shellhead!


  • As seen on page one, This issue is Story Vol 1 901Z.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock it to Shell-Head". Letters are published from: Robert A. Gillis, and Paty.

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