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Appearing in "...There Lurks the Adaptoid!"

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Synopsis for "...There Lurks the Adaptoid!"

Tony Stark returns to his company, much to the delight of his employees. As he sets about repairing the damage Simon Gilbert did, Marianne meets with Tony to describe an ESP vision she had of Iron Man meeting his doom at the hands of a Cyborg, falling into a pit of acid. Tony hopes the vision is false, but has to depart quickly to investigate an alarm at Avengers Mansion. There, Iron Man finds the Super-Adaptoid. During their fight, one of the Adaptoid's nerve gas arrows gets into Iron Man's armor, knocking him unconscious. The Adaptoid throws Iron Man from the mansion, but he revives in time to save himself. Their battle takes to the skies. Elsewhere, Marianne meets with Pepper Hogan and talks to her about how she feels Tony needs her. Pepper encourages Marianne to go to him and she sets off to Avengers Mansion. Iron Man finally buries the Super-Adaptoid in a pile of debris and returns to Avengers Mansion, low on power. Marianne greets him. but has another vision of the Cyborg, indicating that if she remains with him, Tony will be killed. She abandons Iron Man even as he begs her for help.

Solicit Synopsis

The Adaptoid is back! How do you fight a guy who combines the power of all the Avengers?


  • In this issue, Avengers Mansion is noted to be located on 5th Ave.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story Vol 1 935Z.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock it to Shell-Head". Letters are published from: Walt Jaschek and David McDonnell.

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