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Princess Python

Appearing in "The Curtain Rises on... "Deathplay!""

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Synopsis for "The Curtain Rises on... "Deathplay!""

Iron Man removes his armor and plugs himself into a nearby wall socket, saving his life. Jarvis arrives and wonders if Tony is Iron Man, but Tony quickly covers up the incident. Soon after Tony departs, Princess Python springs her pet python on Jarvis, forcing him to tell her where Stark has gone. As Iron Man flies over the city, Marianne has another vision of the Cyborg menacing him. Elsewhere, the Super-Adaptoid sets out for revenge, but while flying it suddenly loses its powers and falls to the ground. In the micro-world of Bast, the cousins Tyrr and Jarr are controlling the Adaptoid in the hope of saving their war-riddled world. Tony Stark appears on television for an interview when suddenly Princess Python takes him prisoner with her python, demanding one million dollars and a plane to South America. Tony escapes and becomes Iron Man. He pursues Princes Python to Stark Industries where their battle leads to a catwalk over a vat of acid; Iron Man hurls the python into the vat, killing it. Distraught, Princess Python tries to follow her pet, but Iron Man saves her. In Bast, Tyrr and Jarr transform the Super-Adaptoid into a new being - the Cyborg that Marianne has seen in her visions.

Solicit Synopsis

Can Princess Python give Shellhead a fight for his life? Well, if she can't - the Cyborg Sinister can!


  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story Vol 1 976Z.
  • This issue contains a letters page "Sock it to Shell-Head". Letters are published from: Mark Ammerman, Tommy A. Addis, Donna and Drew Feldman, and Dave Cunningham.

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