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Synopsis for "Now Strikes the Cyborg Sinister"

Iron Man is overseeing a rocket launch at Stark Industries, but the rocket explodes mid-air. Iron Man's jet boots momentarily fail him, but he corrects the problem in time. Moving on, he halts an attempted robbery. In Bast, Tyrr and Jarr direct the Cyborg to Stark Industries so that it can tap into the power sources there and transmit it back to Bast. Tony angrily confronts Marianne over her abandoning him when he was near death and calls off their engagement. When Tony hears about the attack on his plant he heads there as Iron Man and battles the Cyborg, ultimately disproving Marianne's visions by dousing the creature with a vat of acid. Tyrr and Jarr clash over the issue of fighting Iron Man and Jarr dies when their control computer explodes. At the same time on Earth, the Cyborg goes limp and Iron Man destroys it. Stark manages to launch a new rocket successfully, but Marianne is overwrought to realize that Stark trusts only himself now, not her.


  • In this issue:
  • Tony Stark breaks his engagement with Marianne Rodgers. It is undetermined if she left his engagement ring with his sercretary as Stark instructed.
  • An autographed picture of Captain America is seen on Tony Stark's office wall.
  • The Super-Adaptoid is re-tooled into the "Cyborg Sinister" this issue, but he will soon morph back into his more familar form.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock it to Shell-Head". Letters are published from: Gary Pensiero, James Milton, Gary S. Mann, and Jeses Clough.


  • In this issue Stark Industries launches a rocket into outer space from Long Island. Normally, such space rockets have been lauched from Cape Kennedy or more remote locales.

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