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-- Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Appearing in "The Black Lama"

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Synopsis for "The Black Lama"

Iron Man frees himself, but sees an immense wave of lava heading toward a nearby community. He turns the lava to the sea while Raga's teacher, the Black Lama visits him and reminds him of his origins. The Lama observes dissent within Raga's followers and Raga resolves to halt it by punishing Cynthia. When Iron Man moves to stop him, the Black Lama aids Raga, causing a strange swirl of energy to distort reality. Mack joins the battle and holds his own against Raga, despite his lack of powers. Iron Man takes the opportunity to strike Raga down. The Black Lama abandons Raga and he loses control of his powers, creating an earthquake that kills him. Iron Man takes Cynthia and Mack to safety.

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