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Appearing in "Mandarin and the Unicorn: Double-Death!"

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Synopsis for "Mandarin and the Unicorn: Double-Death!"

The Unicorn and Mandarin attack Iron Man, damaging his chestplate and forcing him to flee. At his office, Iron Man collapses in front of Pepper and she struggles to recharge the armor. Elsewhere, Marianne raves to Dr. Guy Lillian about how her life has been plagued by demons since Tony abandoned her. Back in New York, Pepper is unable to restart the armor, but Iron Man revives anyway. Retreating to Stark's office, Iron Man realizes that the pacemaker is inoperable, which can only mean that his heart has healed. Outside the plant, Nick incites the protesters to riot against Stark and they raid the building. Tony confronts the mob and tells them that their leader Gene Kahn is the Mandarin, but they doubt him. Iron Man heads to Gene Kahn's office and resumes his battle with the Unicorn and Mandarin. In the course of their battle, the two villains each fire at Iron Man and miss, striking each other instead, causing their minds to switch bodies. The Mandarin (in Unicorn) escapes with the Unicorn (in Mandarin). When Iron Man returns to Stark Industries he discovers that the protesters are returning to work, realizing they were duped.


  • Plot by Gerber, script by Friedrich.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock it to Shell-Head". Letters are published from: Les Baptiste, Rick Nelson, and Jose A. Ortiz.
  • In page 7, the Unicorn refers to events in Iron Man #16 where his partner the Red Guardian couldn't help him. Unicorn's partner at that time was not the Red Guardian but the Red Ghost.

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