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Quote1.png You're lucky, Iron Man, you're the first oppressor to be purged-- Quote2.png
Firebrand (Gary Gilbert)

Appearing in "A Madness in Motown!"

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Synopsis for "A Madness in Motown!"

Tony receives a call from Milford Sanitarium, informing him of Marianne's mental status. Tony is dejected and blames himself. Happy visits Pepper at the office and they argue over her going to work for Tony again, but Pepper is determined. Tony and Pepper go to Detroit on business, but when they visit Roxanne Gilbert about the stocks she inherited from her father, Firebrand attacks their taxicab. Firebrand takes the cab driver and Pepper hostage and instructs Tony to bring Iron Man to Simon Gilbert's grave. Iron Man arrives for the fight, but during the clash Roxanne tries to stop her brother and steps in front of his blasts. Firebrand is startled and Iron Man knocks him down then quickly takes Roxanne away to a hospital.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock It To Shell-Head". Letters are published from: Rick Keefe, R.W. Freeman, and T. Rex Reeder.

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