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Quote1.png I'll show you how Tony changes into Iron Man -- by doin' it myself! Quote2.png
Happy Hogan

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Synopsis for "Battle Royal"

Thor battles the possessed Iron Man and summons a rainstorm that shorts out exposed parts of his armor, defeating him. Unmasking Iron Man, Thor worries that he has killed his friend. With the power gone from Iron Man, Dr. Spectrum reclaims the Power Prism and battles Thor, but another Iron Man arrives on the scene to aid his fellow Avenger. The new Iron Man beats Dr. Spectrum, smashes the Power Prism and unmasks him as Dr. Obatu. Returning to the fallen Iron Man they see that it is Eddie March and that the blood clot in his brain made him easy for Thor to beat, but his life is now in peril. Happy and Pepper arrive. Thor becomes Dr. Donald Blake to treat Eddie.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock It To Shell-Head". Letters are published from: Garnet H.G. Barcelo, David Panton, and one letter with "No Address Given".

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