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Iron Man (Tony Stark)

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Synopsis for "Return of the Freak"

Iron Man helps save workers at Gaines Motors from being crushed by machinery, then heads to the hospital where Eddie is. Elsewhere, Roxanne sets out on a personal mission. Tony arrives as Dr. Blake is operating, but Blake finds that he needs to increase Eddie's strength in order to save him. Tony offers to supply his Enervator device that he once used to save Happy Hogan's life. However, he cautions them that it turned Happy into the Freak. With no other options, they use the Enervator on low power, but within moments Eddie transforms into the Freak, gets loose, and goes on a rampage. Iron Man pursues and fights the Freak, finally using low-power repulsor ray jolts to drive him back to the hospital. He knocks the Freak unconscious by delivering a nerve jab to his neck, turning him back into Eddie. Blake completes his surgery but tells Tony that the damage Eddie took will leave him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Tony finds a note at his office from Roxanne; she has gone to Vietnam to find Eddie's missing brother Marty.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock It To Shell-Head!". Letters are published from Hector Randis Spartan, Gail Teague, Dave Ammerman, and Lester Boutillier.
  • This issue contains a Marvel Value Stamp [1] Vol 1 80: Ghost Rider.

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