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Quote1 This is a strange land, an environment dangerous for those unprepared for it. Quote2
Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Appearing in "Night of the Rising Sun!"

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Synopsis for "Night of the Rising Sun!"

Iron Man helps lead Roxanne's expedition through Vietnam to find Marty March with the hesitant cooperation of the Vietnamese. As they reach the village of An Thoc they find it in flames. Iron Man berates a Vietnamese major whose men fire at them. As the major fumes over working with the USA, the Japanese hero Sunfire arrives. Sunfire explains that he is in Vietnam on behalf of Japan to assist in reconstruction. The major cannily tells Sunfire to eliminate Iron Man to help his country; Sunfire is eager to cooperate, knowing that Tony Stark rivals Japan's manufacturers.

Meanwhile, in a base below the Pacific Ocean, the Mandarin is still trapped within the Unicorn's body and has constructed a Mind-Transfer Machine to restore himself to normal. However, the machine's power source is insufficient.

Roxanne and Iron Man's search is interrupted by Sunfire's arrival. In the middle of their fight, the Mandarin teleports Sunfire to his base. Iron Man tracks them down, but the Mandarin fires a missile at him which cracks the plexi-glass shields covering his mask's eye and mouth holes. Unwilling to risk them bursting under the increasing sea pressure, Iron Man flees. The Mandarin hooks Sunfire up to his Mind-Transfer Machine and uses his mutant ability to power it. Mandarin successfully returns to his own body while the Unicorn's body is left inert.

Iron Man arrives at a Stark Industries complex in the Philippines where he manufactures a new mask, complete with a nose. He heads back for a rematch with the Mandarin.


Publication Notes[]

  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock It To Shell-Head". Letters are published from David Williams and Jerry Ordway.
  • This issue also contains a Series One Marvel Value Stamp [1] #29 Baron Mordo.

Continuity Notes[]

  • In this issue, Anthony Stark adds a nose piece to his armor. The concept is eventually abandoned.
  • Unicorn previously appeared in Iron Man #58 and will appear again next issue.
  • In this issue, a brief origin of Iron Man is given. It includes the information that he was imprisoned in An Thoc, Vietnam. This information has since been retconned to Sin-Cong and the Siancong War.
  • Much of Wong-Chu's history has been retconned to the fictional country of Sin-Cong and the military force present being the People's Republic of Sin-Cong.

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