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Quote1 I'll be happy to keep ducking anything you throw! Quote2
Iron Man (Anthony Stark)

Appearing in ""...There Lives a Green Goliath""

Reprint of the 1st story from
Iron Man #9

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:




Synopsis for ""...There Lives a Green Goliath""

Reprint of the 1st story from
Iron Man #9

The Mandarin is in the United States and has sent a Hulk android to kidnap Tony Stark and Janice Cord who are once more attempting their merger deal. When the meeting is attacked by the faux Hulk, who kidnaps Janice Tony changes into Iron Man.

Battling the fake Hulk across the city, Iron Man finally destroys the behemoth by knocking him into a generator causing a huge explosion. When the smoke clears, the severely damaged Hulk android's true nature is revealed and Janice is saved. Although the Mandarin had failed in capturing Stark and Cord, he did succeed in something else entirely: Having viewed the entire battle, he has deduced that Iron Man and Tony Stark are one and the same.


  • This cover is primarily the same one as Iron Man #9.
  • Page six of original story is omitted from this issue.
  • No letters page was published in this issue.
  • This issue is not reprinted in the Essential Iron Man Vol. 5 trade paperback, since it is a reprint.

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