Quote1.png I plan for every eventuality! Quote2.png
-- Mad Thinker

Appearing in "I Cry: Revenge!"

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Synopsis for "I Cry: Revenge!"

Iron Man quickly defeats the Mad Thinker, despite the android warrior and ionic dissembler used against him. Black Lama appears at the Yellow Claw's fortress and convinces him to fight Iron Man. Firebrand has decided to look for the Mad Thinker and notices the disturbances from recent battles. He watches as Black Lama and Yellow Claw appear: the Claw donning a power-enhancing exoskeleton and battling Iron Man, who forces the Claw to flee. Firebrand then attacks Iron Man and wins. Black Lama declares Firebrand the victor and offers him his Golden Globe, but Firebrand is wary. After the Lama explains that the Globe has teleportation abilities, Firebrand accepts it. The two are immediately transported to the Lama's world. Iron Man follows before the dimensional warp closes.


  • Jones is credited as Arvell M. Jones.
  • Costanza lettering is uncredited.


  • In a secondary story/advertising, Nitro's plan of exploding in the middle of the ocean and drowning the whole world is stopped when Captain Marvel lures him to a warehouse of "Twinkies"

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