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Quote1 -- And I swear, as the man, Tony Stark-- As the Avenger fate chose to cast in the role of Iron Man-- That I will live to avenge those whose lives have been lost through the ignorance of men like the man I once was-- Or I will die trying! Quote2
Iron Man

Appearing in "Long Time Gone"

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Synopsis for "Long Time Gone"

Anthony Stark flashes back to a previously untold adventure in Vietnam. He had delivered a prototype long range cannon to a group of US troops who are participating in a clandestine, perhaps illegal mission. The Americans are viciously attacked by enemy troops. Stark orders his cannon fired at an identified mass in front of the attack.

To his surprise and shame, he has destroyed a village of natives not involved in the war. Stark buried the dead in a mass grave and etches the word "Why?" on top of it with his repulsor ray. He begins to question his role as a weapons producer and the purpose of the Vietnam War itself.

Flashing forward to the present, Stark renews his vow not be involved in weapons production ever again.


  • This story is a fill-in issue, which does not continue with Iron Man's participation with the "War of the Super-Villains" or his apparent conflict with the Black Lama.
  • This issue is "dedicated to peace."
  • Once again, Stark Industries (now Stark International) reinforces its mission to be involved in peaceful endeavors.

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