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Quote1.png I went through all this just to get an apology? Quote2.png
Iron Man (Anthony Stark)

Appearing in "Mission Into Madness!"

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Synopsis for "Mission Into Madness!"

Iron Man, Black Lama, and Firebrand arrive in Black Lama's home dimension and are attacked by castle guards. After a fight, Iron Man and Firebrand are brought to a hiding spot by Princess Susan and her father King Jerald, the Black Lama, who explains he's not a villain, just temporarily insane. Iron Man doesn't believe it. Firebrand attacks and escapes. Baroness Rockier, intending to depose the King, checks in with Lord Professor Teller. He unleashes his Nulatron robots against Iron Man, who quickly defeats them. Iron Man agrees to help Black Lama suppress the revolt, but the longer he stays in this dimension the more insane he becomes.


  • Plot assist by Englehart.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock it to Shell-Head". Letters are published from: Dean Mullaney, Nater Waterman, and Chris Arnott.

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