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Synopsis for "...And the Freak Shall Inherit the Earth!"

A crowd has gathered around the immobilized Iron Man, who uses a radio to power his armor's reserve generators. His boot jets inoperable, he uses his rocket skates to return to Stark International. Once there he upgrades his armor: the sleeves, gloves, leggings, boots, and helmet now retract into the torso unit, they expand when his ID bracelet and watch send a signal to the polarization unit in his chest-beam. The helmet is now nose-less. After he's finished Roxanne storms in, despite Pepper's protests. She yells at Stark for not calling her and leaves. Detective O'Brien stops her in the street. Iron Man tracks the Freak to the Queensborough train yards by following cobalt emissions. Iron Man fights to force the Freak to expend radiation, then uses the third rail to power a miniature enervation intensifier that turns Happy back to normal. Iron Man disposes of a cobalt-saturated subway car before it explodes then returns Happy to the hospital.


  • Plot by Wein and Slifer, script by Slifer.
  • Several members of the Marvel Bullpen aid a battered Iron Man in this issue.


  • Page 17 contains a full page panel of The Freak. It contains a Daily Bugle with the headline "Daredevil Wanted For Murder." This is most likely a teaser for Daredevil #135 where he is accused of murdering the Jester.

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