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Iron Man (Tony Stark) to the Controller

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Synopsis for "When Calls the Controller"

Iron Man drops the Blood Brothers off at Ryker's Island. Controller breaks free from the loosened rubble and Scrounger follows. Iron Man returns to Stark International to find it on fire, passing Harry Key disguised as a security guard. Iron Man helps firefighters douse the blaze as Key is intercepted by Detective O'Brien. Stark repairs his armor and is contacted by the Beast, who confirms that the Controller vanished while fighting Captain Marvel from the same address that Iron Man & Daredevil fought the Blood Brothers. Iron Man investigates and finds a looted electronics store with evidence of the Controller's discs on a victim. He goes to an abandoned warehouse where the Controller used to work and finds the stolen equipment and a truck full of victims under the Controller's power. Controller attacks and Iron Man defeats him, but Scrounger begins production on more discs.


  • Plot by Goodwin, script by Shooter.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock It to Shell-Head". Letters are published from Larry Twiss, Jack Frost, Dennis Schwarz, and James Blecker.
  • Flashback panels in this issue refer to the time in which Controller teamed up with Thanos during Captain Marvel #28 and Captain Marvel #30.

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