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Quote1.png I'm alone -- the millionaire "man who has everything" is missing one all-important item -- a friend. Quote2.png
Anthony Stark

Appearing in "Burn, Hero -- Burn!"

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Synopsis for "Burn, Hero -- Burn!"

An explosion rocks Stark International, but Iron Man extinguishes the resulting fires. He returns to Stark's office and wonders how to deal with this sabotage. Krissy and Abe leave a meeting where they've been informed that Stark's rescue-jet designs are already patented by rival company Aero-Space Limited. They call to tell him on their way back but an explosion on the Brooklyn Bridge stops them. Iron Man investigates to find Melter robbing a military convoy carrying a prototype mini-bomb. Taken by surprise, Iron Man's armor is quickly destroyed and he falls into New York Bay. That night a near-naked Tony Stark is rescued by a passing boat, Stark having removed his armor underwater. At Key Investigations, O'Brien lets Key know he's unhappy with what Key retrieved for him from Stark International. He wanted proof Stark was responsible for his brother's death, but the papers provided don't do that. At his hideout, Melter attempts to extort six million dollars from the military for the return of the mini-bomb when Iron Man's original armor walks in, remote controlled. Melter attacks, blowing off its arms, but it keeps coming. Thinking it's a ghost he destroys it, only to find Iron Man in another spare suit. After a fight Melter falls out a window, thinking he's been haunted.


  • Only page 1 of the story is lettered by Rosen, Watanabe is uncredited.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock It To Shell-Head". Letters are published from Bruce Canwell, Ron Tatar, Andrew Smith, and Larry Cummings.
  • Bruno Horgan (Earth-616) last appeared in Iron Man Vol 1 72 and will appear next in Defenders Vol 1 64

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