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Quote1.png Sorry, Shell-head! Looks like we fell into a trap. Quote2.png
Abe Klein

Appearing in "Kraken Kills!"

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Supporting Characters:


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  • Para-gravity deflector
  • Northern Lights (British merchant boat)
  • Albatross (Kraken's brigatine)

Synopsis for "Kraken Kills!"

Iron Man field tests his para-gravity deflector, an invention that's claimed to have been stolen by Stark, as it's already patented by someone else. Leaving orbit from Stark Satellite One, the high-tech parachute explodes, causing everyone to think Iron Man is dead. He's eventually found in the ocean by the ship Northern Lights, sailing to England. While on board, he discovers his armor has been damaged. Having heard the news of Iron Man's survival, Abe and Krissy leave for London to meet him, but when they arrive they're kidnapped by Kraken's men. As the Northern Lights approaches England, they're attacked by Kraken's ship the Albatross. Iron Man is defeated by Kraken, the Northern Lights crew is taken captive and their ship is destroyed. The Albatross transforms into a submarine, and Iron Man follows it into an undersea cave. After he gets a dizzy sensation, feeling weak in his limbs, he attempts to sneak inside but he's captured by Kraken and taken to Abe and Krissy.


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