Quote1 This armor is strong -- the strongest alloy on Earth! Quote2
-- Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Appearing in "Frenzy at Fifty Fathoms"

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  • Albatross (Kraken's brigantine)

Synopsis for "Frenzy at Fifty Fathoms"

Iron Man attempts to fight Kraken, but his men torture Krissy and Abe, forcing him to back down. Kraken takes Iron Man on a tour of his hideout, showing off his collection of captured seamen and military weapons retrieved from their ships. He forces Iron Man to remove his armor and change into a spare set of clothes, revealing that he's actually Tony Stark. Kraken threatens to start World War III with the weapons he's stolen, unless Stark uses his factories to build more weapons for Kraken. Before he can refuse, Stark is tranquilized and dumped in Golant, England, where he asks around to see if anyone knows about the nearby sea caves. He's eventually sent to shopkeeper Martin Maroon who points out the distinctive mud on the boots Stark is wearing. Trekking to the cave Martin says the mud is from, Stark finds Kraken's hideout. He makes his way inside and retrieves his armor. After recharging he attacks and defeats Kraken, but the hideout is damaged in the fight and fills with water. Iron Man gets the captives outside but leaves Kraken to his fate. Later, Stark, Abe, and Krissy have drinks in Golant, not noticing the bartender looks alarmingly like Kraken.


  • Plot by Trimpe, script by Conway.
  • As seen on page one this issue is Story #C-123.

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