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Quote1 Jasper Sitwell, Agent of SHIELD, at your service! Quote2
Jasper Sitwell

Appearing in "Sunfire Strikes Again!"

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Synopsis for "Sunfire Strikes Again!"

Tony Stark finishes upgrading his armor. He's removed the thermocouple and solar collectors to make room for life-preserving circuits and electronic storage cells, now that his heart is giving him trouble again. He can't leave until his heart is stabilized by the new suit. Krissy tells Stark that since he's ignored his congressional subpoena the media have been lambasting him, but Stark tells her to hold them off for a while longer. Jasper Sitwell introduces himself to Krissy, saying he recognizes her from somewhere, as Fujiko and Goro Watanabe arrive. They're taken on a tour of Stark International as Stark talks to the newly awakened O'Brien. It's explained that Kevin was Stark's best friend and even replaced Iron Man as the Guardsman, but the suit drove him insane. O'Brien still believes Stark is responsible, but they're cut short by the attacking Sunfire. With his new suit not yet charged, Stark dons the Guardsman armor in front of O'Brien to fight Sunfire. Remembering that Stark has a bad heart, O'Brien decides Stark is selfless and he was in the wrong. He dons the now charged Iron Man suit and leaves to help Stark. Stark fights Sunfire, who doesn't want Stark International to lend technology to Japan, but his heart gives out. O'Brien arrives and fights Sunfire as Iron Man, but he's teleported away by the Mandarin. Stark crawls back to his lab where the shadowed Madame Masque shows him his model 02 armor, the last remaining since his other armors have been stolen. He dons it, keeping his heart stable, and fights Sunfire.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock It to Shell-Head". Letters are published from Kevin Beile, John Kellenberger, John DeLucia, John Harrington and Jeff Mine.
  • Professor Watanabe and Fujiko were last seen in Iron Man #30. In that issue Professor Watanabe's first name was determined to be "Goro".

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