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Synopsis for "Dead Man Walking"

Continued from last issue..

In deep space on a planet of barbarians, Terrax, a herald of Galactus is the prisoner of the planets barbarian race until he hears the call of his master. Breaking free from his bonds, Terrax destroys the entire planet and then begins racing toward his masters next meal: The planet Earth.

On Earth, Iron Man and Rebel are flying toward Hydra's secret headquarters taking them over Russian airspace. Their intrusion has the Russian government send the Titanium Man and his comrade the Crimson Dynamo to attack them. The two Russian armored soldiers fare poorly against the two Americans when Iron Man uses magnetic polarity discs that send the two flying away from the battle. Arriving at Hydra's base in China, Iron Man asks Rebel to trust him with his next plan. Knowing that they are being watched they turn on their cloaking device. Spying this, Madame Hydra orders her warriors to prepare themselves for battle.

While in New York, Bruce Banner and his cousin Jennifer Walters have arrived at the office of Leonard Samson to find that he has been mutated into some kind of abomination. Realizing a blood transfusion from Bruce might correct the problem, Bruce carries out the procedure, however changes into the Hulk half way through the process as Leonard passes out, suddenly Jennifer grabs the tube and gives herself a transfusion from the Hulk's blood as well, having the feeling that it is the right thing to do.

Iron Man and Rebel meanwhile have switched armors and smash into the Hydra base battling off their troops. Tony manages to get up behind Madam Hydra and orders her to have her men stand down. However the Mandarin arrive and uses his power rings to slay her on the spot reducing her to nothing more than a charred skeleton. Rebel then engages in battle against the Mandarin and the resulting battle leads to a giant explosion that kills Rebel and reveals the Mandarin to be nothing more than a robot.

The true leader of Hydra, believing that Tony is really Rebel reveals himself to be none other that Dr. Doom.

This story is continued next issue...


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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