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Quote1.png You called me... Hulk? Hulk doesn't know where he comes from! Doesn't know where he's going! He only knows Hulk goes where he wants -- and anyone who gets in Hulk's way -- HULK SMASHES! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Hulk Smash!"

Bruce Banner (Earth-616) and Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 2 2 0001.jpg

Force to wear his experimental Prometheum Armor in order to save his life, Tony Stark is now faced up against the gamma powered monster the Hulk, who has Stark Industries head of security Liz Ross in his grasps. Tony -- dubbed Iron Man by the Hulk -- attempts to talk the Hulk into handing over Liz to him, however the temperamental Hulk refuses to give her up to Iron Man, yelling so loud as to knock Tony through a number of walls. When the Hulk approaches Iron Man again, Tony manages to stun the creature with a point-blank blast from his repulsor ray. When Liz asks who he is, Tony lies and says that he is Iron Man someone hired by himself. He learns from her that Banner was seemingly killed in the gamma bomb explosion -- neither one aware of the fact that Bruce Banner is in reality the Hulk.

While Liz is explaining how Hydra attacked and set off the bomb, the Hulk revives and slams Iron Man in the face with a large chunk of rock. Having witnessed enough in secret, Jasper Sitwell decides to go seeking out Tony Stark, unaware that Tony is secretly wearing the Prometheum Armor.

Tony takes down the Hulk.

The Hulk refuses to stop fighting and continues his battle with Iron Man, forcing him to take the battle elsewhere. Their battle takes them right outside of Niagara Falls where the Hulk continues his attack until an approaching helicopter angers the monster enough to throw a rock at it. Iron Man rushes off to prevent the rock from striking the chopper leaving him open for attack by the Hulk. Back at the Buffalo plant, Sitwell follows Starks trail of blood to a dead end and wonders where Stark had disappeared too, he runs into Liz Ross who tells him that Bruce is dead.

Back at the battle between the Hulk and Iron Man, Iron Man feels his armor's power supplies draining and fears the worst when he spots a live wire. Grabbing it, he uses its electrical current to recharge his armor when the Hulk, thinking Iron Man to be dead, begins to leave the scene. Revived, Iron Man rams the live wire into the Hulk, causing a massive black-out across the state. The resulting jolt knocks out both Iron Man and the Hulk and sends them into the water below the falls.

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Iron Man's been reborn, but he may already be facing his death when he has to take on none other than the incredible Hulk!


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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