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Synopsis for "Look Back in Anger"

Madame Hydra meets with her master the Mandarin who punishes her for sending Whirlwind to kill Tony Stark when he's asked that Stark remain alive. As punishment he uses his many powerful rings to cause her hallucinations and warns her against trying to take Stark's life again or suffer the consequences. After the experience is over Madame Hydra wonders what secret the Mandarin is trying to keep.

Meanwhile, at Avengers Mansion, Iron Man -- having joined with the group -- shows Thor around their new headquarters. Thor immediately picks up on the fact that there is something wrong with Iron Man, but agrees to let it go when Stark doesn't think even a God can solve his problems and departs. He next meets up with Pepper Potts and the two depart back to his office to meet with his publicist Happy Hogan.

While at a safe house far away, Jasper Sitwell has captured Leonard Samson and demands that he reveal the location of Bruce Banner. Samson refuses to divulge any of his patients information, however Sitwell is not willing to argue doctor-patient confidentiality and makes his demands simple: Tell them where he thinks Banner is hiding or be injected with gamma radiation himself.

While at the Stark International office, Happy Hogan arrives with some good news: The public opinion of Iron Man and his involvement with the Avengers is equating to good publicity for Stark Industries. After the meeting is done, Tony departs leaving Happy and Pepper alone and the two have a bit of a romantic moment. While outside the office, Tony comes across a newspaper that outs Bruce Banner as the Hulk, and Tony realizes that this is Nick Fury's way of burning Tony after he took control of the Avengers away from SHIELD.

After their romantic interlude is done, Happy and Pepper are reaxing in the office when suddenly Pepper notices something coming at the window. Happy doesn't get clear in time and something causes the office to explode. Hearing the blast, Tony changes into Iron Man and goes to investigate. There he finds that Pepper is delirious saying that someone killed Happy. When Iron Man asks who, he is confronted by another being clad in a suit of armor who mistook Happy for Tony Stark. This armored man also knows that Tony is really Iron Man.


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